Welcome to Kálfholt!

You will always find a warm welcome at Kálfholt, if you want to get to know the Icelandic horse – whether in summer, winter, spring or autumn! 

Riding Tours

We offer a range of riding tours for everyone from beginners to veteran riders – for men, women and children. 

Horse Breeding and Sales

The family at Kálfholt have been breeding horses professionally since 1985: first Jónas Jónsson and his wife Sigrún Ísleifsdóttir, and then two of their children, Eyrún and Ísleifur, with their own families, as well as their granddaughter Ingunn Birna.

Riding Courses

The best way to achieve results as a rider is to gain experience with high-quality, well-trained horses, and receive professional instruction. At Kálfholt we offer dedicated courses, for beginners and more experienced riders.