About us

Here at Kálfholt, family life is all about horses – that’s just the way it is! 

Eyrún Jónasdóttir and her husband Steingrímur Jónsson at the farm Kálfholt 2 organise riding tours, assisted by their daughter Kristrún and son Jónas. They are also involved in breaking in and breeding horses, along with Eyrún’s brother Ísleifur Jónasson. He too lives with his family at Kálfholt, where he breeds horses and breaks them in, and holds riding courses. Ingunn Birna Ingólfsdóttir, niece of Eyrún and Ísleifur, also lives and works at Kálfholt, breaking in and training horses and providing riding instruction.

Eyrún’s and Ísleifur’s parents, Jónas Jónsson and his wife Sigrún Ísleifsdóttir, have farmed at Kálfholt and bred horses ever since 1965, so it is safe to say that their descendants have been raised in the saddle! 

Eyrún Jónasdóttir and her husband Steingrímur Jónsson at Kálfholt 2 are the founders and owners of Kálfholt Riding Tours. Steingrímur, who studied agronomy at the Hvanneyri Agricultural College, has extensive experience with horses: riding tours, breaking in and shoeing. Eyrún, born and brought up on the farm of  Kálfholt, has been around horses all her life. In 2012 she completed a two-year rider’s study programme from the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri. She is also a music teacher and choirmistress.  Eyrún and Steingrímur work together on all preparation of tours and courses at Kálfholt – they train the horses and handle all bookings, and place great emphasis on the safety and comfort of their clients. And of course they strive to meet the needs of every guest. Kálfholt Riding Tours is licensed as a travel agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board. 

Ísleifur Jónasson and his wife Ingileif Guðjónsdóttir live at Kálfholt with their daughters. Ísleifur was born and brought up at Kálfholt, while Ingileif grew up on the farm of Grímsstaðir in the West Landeyjar district of south Iceland. On the farm they breed horses and keep sheep, in addition to salmon-fishing and a horse-training facility. Ísleifur has been breaking in, training and showing horses for many years. In 2007 he graduated from Hólar University College as a riding instructor, and has taught extensively since then, e.g. at the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri. 

Ingunn Birna Ingólfsdóttir grew up around horses, and from childhood she has been a keen horsewoman, riding, training horses and competing. In her teens, when she was still at school, she started breaking in horses, and since graduating from high school she has worked mainly in breaking-in and training.  In 2008 she commenced studies at Hólar University College, completing two years’ study in 2010. She took a break from her studies, adding to her experience in breaking in and training horses, then in the spring of 2013 she graduated from Hólar University College as a riding instructor. Since then she has worked at Kálfholt, breaking in and training horses and providing riding instruction.
Jónas Jónsson and Sigrún Ísleifsdóttir have been breeding horses at Kálfholt since 1965, paving the way for the horse-breeding on the farm today. Over the years they have used their horses both for work and as leisure companions – to round up sheep from highland pastures, and on riding treks with the family. Jónas has also been a participant whenever the results of the farm’s horse-breeding have been exhibited – most recently at the Landsmót National Horse Festival at Hella in 2008. Now retired from farming, the couple still keep a few horses as a hobby.