Horse Breeding and Sales

Horse Breeding at Kálfholt

Jónas Jónsson and his wife Sigrún Ísleifsdóttir have lived at Kálfholt in the lowlands of south Iceland since 1965. They started serious horse-breeding around 1985, and today two of their children,  Eyrún and Ísleifur, have joined them, along with their own families, as well as Ingunn Birna, granddaughter of  Jónas and Sigrún.

The breeding goals at Kálfholt are to breed willing, stylish horses with good neck and shoulders, pure gaits and good leg action, which are responsive and easy to break in.

The Kálfholt horses are descended from four principal matriarchs: Stjarna IS1976286560 by Logi frá Borgum out of Blesa frá Kirkjubæ; Hylling IS1976286570 by Leirljós frá Hveragerði out of Sibba frá Eiríksstöðum; Blíða IS1982286560 by Blær frá Hellu out of Fluga frá Voðmúlastöðum; and Löpp IS1986286565 by Byr frá Skollagróf out of Fluga frá Voðmúlastöðum.

The stallions which have had the most influence on Kálfholt’s horses are Byr frá Skollagróf (by Hrafn)  IS1981188186, used around 1985, and Kálfholt-bred Asi IS1990186565 out of Stjarna IS1976286560 by Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum IS1977157350. Asi was used for breeding from 1993 until 2012, when he was put down.

Kálfholt Champions

The Kálfholt stud is proud to have bred two winners at the Landsmót National Horse Festival in the Gæðingar contest, category B (four-gaiters) – this achievement is probably unparalleled. The champions are Röðull  IS1997186563 in 2008 and Kjarnorka IS2001286570 in 2011.