Horses for sale

Horse Breeding at Kálfholt

At Kálfholt we have horses bred here at the stud, which are being broken in and trained.  As a rule these include horses for sale. We place emphasis on the horses we sell being well-broken and responsive, and that they are well known to us. We can also provide buyers with advice on training and riding instruction.

You are welcome to visit us, and we will show you our horses. Phone Ísleifur on tel. (354) 862 9301 or Ingunn Birna on tel. (354) 869 2094, or e-mail us to book an appointment. 

Súla frá Kálfholti

Chestnut with star, born 2006
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Glóðar frá Reykjavík
Ábót frá Kálfholti