Riding Courses

Do you want to achieve results in horse training and competition?

Bewitched by the Icelandic Horse 

Every rider knows how important it is to work at developing and extending riding skills, in order to achieve success. The best way to do so is to gain experience with high-quality, well-trained horses, and receive professional instruction. 

The Kálfholt horse stud offers dedicated courses designed for people with a lot of experience of riding and horses.

The animals used on the course are high-quality, well-trained, competition-ready horses, as well as horses experienced in competition. Instruction is mainly one-to-one, focussing on: leadership, seat and control exercises, the gaits, warming up and preparation for competition.

The course is supervised by Eyrún and Steingrímur, and the principal instructor is Ísleifur Jónasson

In addition to daily training sessions, the course includes rides in the vicinity of Kálfholt, learning about the Icelandic horse and its natural environment, and sightseeing along the south coast.  The day’s programme ends with a traditional Icelandic kvöldvaka – a convivial evening of storytelling and song – or simply chilling out in the hot tubs. 

Further information and bookings: kalfholt@kalfholt.is / Tel. (354) 487 5176

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Training in Nature 

– three-day course (summer) 

The course explores how to use nature in training horses, thus combining fun with work, and developing the interaction of horse and rider in different situations that test the balance, trust and pluck of both. An ideal way to develop your own skills and those of your horse, while enjoying the pleasures of Icelandic nature. 

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Dates 2015: 8 -10 May,  and by arrangement 


Private lessons

Private lessons are available, both on the farm of Kálfholt and elsewhere. 
We can also arrange short courses to meet your requirements. 

Further information and bookings: kalfholt@kalfholt.is / Tel. (354) 487 5176